Sister Cecilia is with God


                          Sister Cecilia is with God

Our Sister Cecilia Ramisch died at St. Mary’s Hospital on January 21, 2019.  

We celebrated the Funeral Mass honoring  Sister Cecilia on February 1.  The Sisters waited for Fr. Mike Joncas to return to the Cities so that he might preside at the Eucharist. Fr. Mike and Sr. Cecilia had a long telephone relationship. Sr. Cecilia was the “fisher of priests” for our daily Eucharist in Bloomington.

And so for our Sister the liturgy began with a Procession into Chapel at Assisi Heights:
At the piano: Lynn Karnati, “How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place,”
Cross Bearer: Christine Holm
First Reader: Tim Murphy, carrying the Lectionary
Second Reader: Mary Kandels

Pall Bearers with coffin:
Kathy Ramisch
Tom Ramisch
Jim Kandels
Andres Raud

Intercessions would be proclaimed by Terry Johnston
Srs. Caroline and Helen carried the Pall
Clare Sisters and Family members followed.
Sr. Jan, ushered in the guests
Fr. Mike Welcomed the worshipers

And began the ritual.
Sr. Margaret sprinkled the cassette with Holy Water;
Srs. Caroline and Helen place the pall on the coffin.
Sr. Gabriel placed the Form of Life and the Crucifix on the coffin.

Sr. Helen offered the  Welcoming and the Eulogy
Liturgy of the Word: Tim and Mary
Homily Fr. Mike
Intersessions: Terry Johnston

Offertory Procession:  Rysia and Ladonna
Communion Ministers: Caroline and Catherine

At the conclusion of this beautiful service for our Sister Cecilia we all sang:
“The Blessing of St. Clare.”

The evening before the Funeral Mass at the Vesper service for Sister Cecilia we read  from Sister Cecilia’s personal reflections that she had left for us which we call, The Gospel according to Cecilia. 


“Following six years of Poor Clare community life at Sauk Rapids and nine months receiving temporary hospitality from the St. Joseph Sisters at Holy Angels
Secondary School, Richfield, Minnesota, I was very
excited to settle in Bloomington, to make Jesus’ presence known through our prayer, daily Eucharist, the Divine Office and contemplative community. Later I found an additional
way to make Jesus’ presence known through a telephone ministry, receiving incoming calls for prayer and offering
to each caller a listening ear.” Sister Cecilia


“My father died suddenly on April 29, 1949, the final day of an 8-day retreat before my first vows. That evening I had a dream about my father. I saw him lying on a cross. There was a sense of God’s great mercy surrounding him.  When I was awakened by the Abbess and Vicaress to inform me that my father had died I was not surprised.” 

Blessings to all,  Sister Cecilia



Getting into the spirit, hard hats and all.

Here we all are in our construction finery!  Mr. Don DeCramer, project director  of the renovation of our community home on third floor, invited us to go down to Assisi Heights to see the progress of the reconstruction of our wing.  The stipulation of the invitation was that we must wear hard hats, vests and sensible shoes.  Kathy Gatliff, director of Communications & Public Relations at Assisi Heights,  took these great photos.  




Association of Contemplative Sisters

About 15 years ago the Association of Contemplative Sisters, Midwest Cluster, began meeting here at the Monastery.  Sisters Helen and Jo are pictured with members of the group who meet here each month to pray and share with one another their experience of contemplative living.  Recently they have been reading Judy Cannato’s  Radical Amazement available from Notre Dame, Sorin Books, 2006.DSCN1002