“God is a Circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”  William of Lille, 11th century

At the center of the Circle is fire, the ever burning fire,                          Like the bush of Moses, that is never extinguished.

This is the fire that burns to enlighten the mind and warm the heart,    Enticing and drawing all into the orbit of God’s love.

This is “the Holy Spirit and fire” of which Jesus speaks,                  Inviting us to “come here and wait with me, my hour has not yet come.”

And this is our hour, with fire at the center of our being.                     This fire will burn within us until we return from where we came,  from the Center of Love.

The scourge of the Coronavirus has brought us back to the hearth,  the fireplace of God’s love.

Stay at home, abide at the center,                                                       let your heart rest in the heart of Jesus.                                        Never forget this moment in time, your time,                                       when the whole planet came together on its knees.




Easter Morning in our Little Chapel

Here on third floor of Assisi Heights, Franciscan Motherhouse, “sheltering in place”, we celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection.   It is amazing what one thinks of when locked in a small space.   To begin with, one can imagine the early followers of Jesus.  They had locked themselves in the Upper Room “for fear of the Jews.”  As followers of Jesus would they be implicated in His actions?

We can also think of the persons throughout our planet encarserated for various crimes and misdemeanors, for the migrants from countries throughout our world, and our sisters and brothers stuck seemingly forever in the camps. This Corona plague might be a wake up call for more of us to take responsibility for our sisters and brothers in the human family.

We continue to hold each of you, our friends, in prayer—open to surprises that might come for all of us in this most unusual time.

                                                                                                                                   Let Us Pray

Easter 2020

                                  Beauty rises

                                     from scarred branches


Easter 2020

Easter, 2020

“I have called you friends…” John 15:15

We have taken our Easter greeting to you, whether by card, email or website, from the words of Jesus in the Gospel according to John. The setting is the Last Supper, which we celebrate on Thursday of Holy Week. “I have not called you servants, but friends.”

How will we celebrate Holy Week this year: in our homes “sheltering in place,” or in protective gear caring for others in hospitals or testing stations? We can think of ourselves as the disciples of Jesus who were hiding out because of fear from the “authorities.” We too are hiding out, not because of the authorities, but because of something so elusive that a special test is needed for identification. We are hiding out because of fear, fear for ourselves and for our loved ones. This is a righteous fear, a godly fear.

In times of fear humans find that words are a bulwark for courage. We are a planet of words. We are able to communicate with compassion throughout our world. We realize in this tragic moment that many on our little blue planet are sick and we need to be gentle and provide that necessary care for them.

To all those who are out and about caring for others, to those who are staying at home to stop the spread of the Coronavirus,to each and all of you, family and friends, we send our love and prayer. Get well, stay safe.


Your Sisters of St. Clare

     Rochester, MN




A Pre-Christmas Celebration at Assisi Heights

Mary and Joseph and their supporters are locked inside Lourdes Chapel at Assisi Heights.

Mary and Joseph are gathered with the people, knocking at the door.  They need to get out and find a place for the child to be born.

Outside the Chapel we are singing back and forth until—miracle of miracles—the doors are opened wide and all of the people join together to find a good place for Christ to be born.  Father Jose, pastor of St. Francis Parish, cheers the people on as they prepare to welcome the holy Child.

 May Christmas live forever in your hearts.