Easter, 2019

Dear Friends,                              

                     Easter is More than a Day 

On many a calendar this year, March 6th was the day when Christians and others received ashes on their foreheads with the injunction to “Repent and believe in the Gospel,” that is the Good News of Jesus Christ. For forty days we listened more acutely to the Scriptures and prayed that we might know then more deeply in order to live them more truly.

“Forty days and forty nights” and here we are at the Proclamation of the Three High Holy Days: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Vigil of Easter. Easter is here, and what we have before us is fifty days in which to celebrate.

Setting aside the numerical counting, what is it we celebrate?  How about this: a fresh creation, a new world, a planet of people reaching out to one another, not because we are alike but because we are so wonderfully different.  We celebrate the imagination of our creator, savior, lover God who has creativity beyond our wildest dreams.  This is the Easter good news, grand enough to celebrate for a lifetime.  Yes, Christ is alive in each and all of us, and we are embraced by our Creator and sent about by the Holy Spirit.  This is Good News.

 Your Clare Sisters of Rochester, MN                       

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