A moment of Prayer with the Advent Wreath

                             Advent In Our Third Floor Chapel
A moment of prayer with the Advent Wreath

   “In the beginning was the Wordthe Word was made Flesh and dwells among us.”

All of created reality is intertwined.  This ending of the old year and the beginning of the new, with celebrations of life, love and our longing for happiness are inbuilt into our persons and our communities.

There are so many ways to share ourselves with one another. Here at Assisi Heights some of the Sisters share their love by joining the Salvation Army in their Christmas bell ringing to raise money for those most in need at this time. The Sisters add special “notes” to the ringing of the bells, they sing Christmas Carols. You can pass by the “bell” but it is hard to resist the singing.  And most wonderful of all is that young people are joining their choir.

   May we all find our special note to add to the Christmas symphony of people in love.


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