Pascal Journey

Palm Sunday, April 9 at 9 am we begin HOLY WEEK the prelude to the Three Easter Days, celebrating the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord.  We gather at the Monastery at 9 am in the back of the Chapel.  The palms are blest and the first Scripture reading takes us into the Gospel of  Matthew and the triumphal ride of Jesus on the back of a donkey into Jerusalem, all the way acclaimed by the people.  In remembrance of this event we process to the front of the Chapel waving our palms.  The Readings of the Day prepare us for the narrative of the Passion according to Matthew solemnly proclaimed by four of the Sisters.

Palm Sunday at the Monastery

Palm Sunday









Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

On April 13 at 6:30 pm we arrive at the Monastery for the Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper.  Following the proclamation of the Gospel we rise by ones and twos to move toward the back of the Chapel where the scene is set for the Washing of the Feet.  All are invited to participate in this ritual.  The Sacrament is taken to the Oratory where there is opportunity for Adoration  until Midnight.






Good Friday, April 14 at 3:30, we begin in deep silence preparing for the Service of the Lord’s Passion, commemorating His ultimate gift of love .   The presider and the assistants enter and prostrate on the Chapel floor remaining in prayer.  The Passion according to John is solemnly proclaimed.  We pray the Great Intercessions for all God’s People throughout the world.  Adoration of the Cross follows with the opportunity for each person to express her love and commitment to Christ.

Good Friday

Good Friday

The Solemn Vigil Service of Readings and responses begins on Saturday evening on April 15 at 7:30 pm in the Hospitality Area.  The presider lights and blesses the new fire from which he lights the Pascal Candle and sings the Exultet.   Each reader rises to recount the story of salvation history from the Book of Genesis to the Prophet Ezekiel, all responding with the appropriate psalms.  We end our service quietly in personal prayer in anticipation of the Easter celebration.

Easter Sunday Celbration, The Resurrection!

Easter Sunday Celebration, The Resurrection!

April 16 at 8:30 am. Please join us for the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. This is not the end of the Story of Salvation but the beginning of the Great Fifty Days, celebrating the enduring love and faithfulness of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Easter Sunday and the Water of Rebirth.

Easter Sunday and the Water of Rebirth.

After Eucharist the Sending Forth



                        Sunday at the Church of the Assumption 

Doctor Miguel Fiol, a professor of Neurological science at the University of Minnesota, an immigrant from Puerto Rico, and Doctor Betsy Murray, a professor of child psychology also at the University of Minnesota, met with parents of small children, fielding questions about these very dangerous times for immigrant families and the repercussions for their children. I was there as a quest observer.

     In a near-by gym the children were guided by professionals to express their feelings of fear and anger through various forms of art. These children know about “Trump” and he enters into their games, their fright-filled games.
     In the session for adults, one of the questions was, “How do I comfort my daughter when she comes home from school and tells me that an old woman, an Anglo, called her ‘dirty’ and told her to go back to Mexico.”
     Another mother asked: “How can I assure my child that we will be always there for him?” The professors emphasized how important it was to provide an atmosphere at home where the children could freely express their fears and know that what they were afraid of, namely that they would come home from school and their parents would not be there, is a real fear. At the same time they must know that their parents love them dearly and are working with good people all over the United States to change the behavior of ICE, and la Migra.

March, First Sunday of Lent


This morning on the web, New York Times free headlines edition, I read this powerful article by Austen Ivereigh:

                                          Is the Pope the Anti-Trump? 

This is an excellent article especial for those of us who are puzzled by what is going on in our world today. You can pull up the article on you smart phone or computer by calling for Google and typing in:

                                        Is the Pope the Anti-Trump 

As we used to say, “Feel the Bern”, and do something about it.

Here at our Chapel ready for Lent.

Our Chapel for Lent.