Word Eternal-Christmas, 2016

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Photos of Monastery Crèches – Lynne Morin

Vinyl to digital conversion – Robb Morin

Technical Expertise – The Borchards

Creative Design – Sister Beth Lynn

The Music of Spain

Bell Ringers of the Dawn
Every Sunday morning between four and six, a
group of men – Bell Ringers of the Dawn –
circulate through the streets of the mountain
village of Arriate.

Andalusian Liturgy Part 1 & 2
In the Andalusian mountain town of Ronda, a
religious order of women lives in a convent with
the mission to tend the sick at night.  Each
morning they gather in their chapel to sing
during the Mass.  This religious order shuns
publicity of any kind.  The mother superior
permitted the taping of the music on the
condition that the sisters remain unaware.